Monochrome CG

I was just browsing through CGSociety and came across a guy who creates monochrome sci-fi images.  Which is not something I really had considered.   Sci-Fi should be bright and colourful.  Or at least dark and colourful.  So I took some of my favourite CG images and ran them through Lightroom.  Not totally unhappy with these, give an alternative feeling to them.   They use the same Lightroom filter that I created to convert photos.

HMS Fairborne

This model is my most recent.  Still almost a year old now!

I always start with the engines.  If one engine is good then 6 must be better.  And what’s better than 6?  12!

The engines started out as a cube.   Just a simple cube.  Which I stretched, extruded, bent, twisted, inset, warped and a few other things to get it into an engine shape.  Once you’ve modeled one engine, a little cutting and pasting and you have an engine cluster.  The cylinder parts actually started, believe it or not, as cylinders.  More tweaking and you get fuel tanks, warp drive, particle accelerators, whatever you want to call them.

Doc2That’s the easy part done.

Then for the rest of the ship.  For this one, I wanted it to feel human, rather than alien and not too futuristic.  Something we could possibly have in a hundred years or so.   I wanted it to feel like each part had a purpose.  Something industrial, like a container ship.  But with a bit more interest.  So a container with some girders sounded good.   Cut and paste a few times and you get something not totally unlike a space ship.


Next comes the command module.   Always my major failing.  But add some pointy bits & a few radar dishes and it may look OK.

Doc4Doc6When I added the command module it gave some scale to the ship.  Not a huge Star Wars type ship.  More a Star Trek size.  The lower part looked in line with the engines, so I added some landing feet to it and to the engines.   This thing can land on a planet!  I had to remove the pointy bits from the engine.  But I’m still pretty happy with where this is going.


Just need to paint it now and render it from a few angles for the shop.

All nice and shiny and coloured!

That’s it. Upload to DAZ3D’s shop and wait for the money.

Take a look to see the final product page.