I told a friend today to check out my website for some fake tilt-shift photos.  Then realised that was the old website and the new one probably doesn’t have them.  So here they are.  Tilt-Shift is a process of selective blurring that can give a photo the effect of being a miniature.  You can get specific lenses, or you can photoshop it.  I did the latter. Also check out the captions, it make me seem like a jet setter.

Moravian Cemetery, Hope, Indiana and Flat Rock.

Today, I’m feeling more myself and so we took a quick trip to Hope, Indiana to visit a cemetery Gale had read about.

It was fine and I took a few snaps. On the way home we stopped at a cemetery in Flat Rock. I think it’s Morristown, but Gale would know better. This was actually more conducive to photography and the sun was playing hide and seek behind a cloud.

I took a lot of photos at both places. I wasn’t blown away by any of them at the time, but since I’m still on this split-tone kick, I thought I’d try it on some of them. I’m slightly happier in monochrome.

For the technically minded. Canon 6D with a 17-40mm and 50mm. Postworked in Lightroom 5.6.