Madison Indiana – Fall colours and summer temeratures.

We took a trip to Madison. It was 80 degrees and November! A little unexpected, but wonderful. We even sat outside eating ice-cream. Perfect really. Fall colors and summer temperatures. I wouldn’t say no. But the bright sun isn’t great for photography. So what do you do with all those harsh shadows? Black and white and crank up that contrast. These are all split tone, which I kinda like. Darkens the sky and brings out the highlights. Thanks for looking.

Michigan – B&W

Back home!  1000 miles in 4 days.  But well worth it.  And finally a real computer and Lightroom!  How I missed you.  I’ve posted a few photos while on our trip to Michigan, but now I’ve had time to play around in Lightroom.  I will post a colour gallery as well and maybe a few HDR, but here’s an entire gallery of black and whites for your viewing pleasure.

Moravian Cemetery, Hope, Indiana and Flat Rock.

Today, I’m feeling more myself and so we took a quick trip to Hope, Indiana to visit a cemetery Gale had read about.

It was fine and I took a few snaps. On the way home we stopped at a cemetery in Flat Rock. I think it’s Morristown, but Gale would know better. This was actually more conducive to photography and the sun was playing hide and seek behind a cloud.

I took a lot of photos at both places. I wasn’t blown away by any of them at the time, but since I’m still on this split-tone kick, I thought I’d try it on some of them. I’m slightly happier in monochrome.

For the technically minded. Canon 6D with a 17-40mm and 50mm. Postworked in Lightroom 5.6.