Northern Michigan – 2017

We took a little trip.  A few years back we went to mid and northern Michigan on the Lake Michigan side and it was wonderful.  So this year we want to go again.   Maybe even further north as a base.

Gale found a vineyard that had 6 B&B rooms.  Who wouldn’t want to be based on a vineyard for 4 nights?  Especially since they give you a bottle of wine each day. Chateau Grand 

I can’t say enough good things about the guest accommodation.  We didn’t make use of the common rooms much, but we did try the gym a few times.   They even have a sauna, which I didn’t get to try.

Breakfast was a do-it-yourself kinda of affair, but they provided everything you would need.

I even managed waffles one day.

As for the four days.   Mostly we would drive a meandering drive to find a beach.   We’re not beach people, but the lake is so pretty.   Gale wanted to find some Petoskey stones.  I didn’t, since I had no idea what they were.   We also explored Sleeping Bear Dunes.  Then we would meander back.  Stop to get supplies and then eat in our room.  (With a glass of wine)

I didn’t take as many photos as normal, but here are a few of the 300 I did take.  You’ll notice a few of Gale looking down.  Not because she’s upset, but because she’s looking for pretty stones.

Brown County

I love Brown County.  It’s so not what you expect in flat, boring, farmland, Indiana.   There may not be mountains, but the tree covered rolling hills are still beautiful.   It’s not that far from our house, so we try to get down there often.

We took a walk around Ogle Lake.  A small lake, a short walk, but always offers up a few photos.  We then stopped for our favourite lemonade at The Farmhouse Café.  And took a few more photos.