A closer look at Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving.   Yeah, it is.  But you also like to get stuff.    There wasn’t much I wanted this year, so my list, to my family’s dismay, was short.   One big thing I wanted was a close up lens for my nifty-fifty.   I’ve gone on an on about how much I love my 50mm 1.4.   I don’t think I told you that I bought a new one since the old one broke, but that’s painful and I don’t want to talk about it.

But I do want to talk about the close up lens.    The nifty-fifty is an amazing lens, but it can’t take photos closer than a few feet.  Which is fine for the most part, but sometimes I want to get right in there.  Canon make a few close up lenses that let you focus on objects 5 or 6 inches away from the lens.

IMG_5078This is taken as close as I can with the 50mm.  Nice photo, but I want to get closer.   I could crop in, but why have a full frame camera and all those megapixels if you’re just going to crop them out?

With the close up lens I can do this:IMG_5077
Maybe you saw my Ritchey Woods photos a few months back? Those were taken with Gale’s close up lens. Just need a chance to get out and try it out.

Cincinnati Zoo

A trip to Cincinnati Zoo.  In Winter. Not as crazy as it sounds.    For one thing, there was no one there.  Apart from the animals.  Apart from the monkeys who were on vacation.   It was a little more chilly than African animals expected, so some were huddled together.  We got there around 11am and stayed until about 5:30 so that we could check out the Festival of Lights.   Looked great, but didn’t photograph so well.   But here are a few shots of the Animals.

Conner Prairie

Conner Prairie is a living museum in Fishers, Indiana.  It’s also less than ten minutes from my house.  We paid them a visit on the last day of the season.  The gardens were dying, the air was chilled and the people stuck in the 1800’s tired and ready for a winter’s nap.   But we managed to get a few nice photos.

Another day another $…

If only I could get paid for taking photos of stuff.  What a great life.  A tough life though.  Not a lot of money unless you are really really good and take photos of people.

We went to Cave Hill last week and Crown Hill this week.  Crown Hill has the benefit of being local.  So not such a disappointment when I don’t get any good photos.   Did have a bit of a worry though.  Using my beloved 50mm and it stopped autofocusing, then stopped allowing me to manual focus.   I was taking photos by moving closer to the object and hoping for the best.   Luckily I got home and coaxed it a little (by hitting it a few times) and then pulling th elens as I focused and it was brought back to life.   Can’t live without my nifty-fifty.   AND today, my second monitor broke.  it’s been on the way out for a while and today decided it was done.  Luckily monitors are pretty cheap.   Got a nice 23″ Acer on the way.   Thank goodness for credit.

I’ve had a great week on Instagram.  14 features!  Tons of comments and a load of new followers.



Second Day at Ritchey Wood

My second day off. Supposed to be cleaning out the garage. Nope. Gale wanted to go back to Ritchey Wood. I nearly didn’t take my camera, since didn’t think I’d get anything that I didn’t get yesterday. But Gale let me use her close up lens. Which screws on the front of my 50mm. So gave me a slightly different perspective. 295 photos later…..

Autumn arrives at Ritchey

Today was stunning.  So we went in search of some colour.  Ritchey Wood Nature Preserve had some.

I didn’t want to lug around too much stuff.  So I just took my camera with my 50mm prime “nifty fifty”, which is my favourite lens.  Most of these were taken at f1.4.  You know, if you have a lens that opens to f1.4, why wouldn’t you use it?   Anyway, that’s why the shallow depth of field.  Even most of the longer shots were at f1.4.  At a distance the DOF is much wider, so the wide aperture just helps speed up the shot.  All were tweaked in Lightroom.  I have a preset called Fall which pumps up the colours.